Thursday, January 5, 2012

Into the Unknown

The week after Christmas my family had a "Christmas Family Reunion" at Wrightsville Beach NC... Weather was wonderful but so far Ohio weather hadn't had too many bad days up to date but I did have a terrific long run at 8am in 65 degree weather! My knee bruised up pretty bad towards the end of the week....I honestly dont know why it decides to bruise when it does because my mileage wasnt any longer then before? It tends to bruise about once a month on the medial side where the bone on bone rubs together. This time it seemed to bruise a lot more then previous months. You can feel ALOT of scar tissue around the bruised area as well....lots of crunching action. I didnt eat well while I was there but that was pretty much expected. When I got home I gained 3 pounds but it is gone now. There were 28 of us in a 10 bedroom house....there were some healthy food choices but when your father comes in every afternoon with 2 dozen FRESH cupcakes from Coastal get difficult. I honestly think from Mon thru Sat I averaged 4 cupcakes a day!
This Saturday marks the day of my first is a 50K in Charleston WV called The Frozen Sasquatch. I dont want to say I am nervous but rather anxious....anxious of the "unknown" I went today and did a short 4 miles on the single track trail in the is rather technical with all the roots, rocks, trees down and leaves still covering the trail. I became concerned about what the trail will be like in Charleston and if I will have enough time because I only averaged around a 14:40 pace for this short distance. I can't imagine a 50K being as technical and elevation climbs as this 4 miles for the entire distance but I guess I will see in TWO days. There is a totally different feeling about doing this 50K then I have felt with any of the Ironmans I have completed.....I think it has a lot to do with still being at my house 2 days before and reality really hasnt set in. With Ironman you arrive several days before due to packet pickup, bike racking and just settling in and with this 50k only being a 2 hour car ride we wont leave until the day before. I received a running water backpack for Christmas but decided not to try it Saturday because I am not use to it at I will take my fuel belt and plan to take the belt that holds 2 waters then just refill them at the aide stations. I will bring gels with me and possibly some peanut m&m's. The other fuel I will take from the course.

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