Thursday, January 26, 2012

gotta do what you gotta do

Yesterday morning I went out for a short 6 mile run and forgot my gloves. My hands were completely frozen which for me is normal as they tend to always stay cold. What was I thinking leaving without gloves? Well I have 3 pair...yes 3 already packed for this weekends Night time Marathon in Indianapolis and I didn't feel like going upstairs to get them. I thought how bad will it be.....well it sucked and I cut my run short about a quarter mile under 5. I then told myself this was a good thing because now I will finish off my run and add a little more to it this evening....I will then have a chance to try my headlamp out which I will have to wear in the marathon Saturday night. Santa brought it to me and I've never ran in a headlamp. Well just my luck after work it started wasn't a hard rain but it was night time it was cold and even after I dressed myself warm I couldn't bring myself to go out that door. At that point it wasn't at all about skipping a couple miles it was about what is wearing a headlamp going to feel like. I decide I will wear it on the dreadmill....and that I did. I went 1.5 mile on the dreadmill in about 15 minutes...It did indeed feel funny on my forehead and when I was done just after 15 minutes there was a red indention from where the headlamp was on my forehead. 5-6 hours of this compared to 15 minutes will take some mental endurance. I think the funniest thing was when I told my mother and my friend Chris that I went ahead and tried it out on the dreadmill both of them made the comment "In the dark" haha and for the record no I didn't run on the dreadmill with a headlamp in the dark...the point was just to see how it was going to feel. My plans for Saturdays night run are to wear a headband that covers my ears cause it is going to be cold and I am thinking the the headlamp will rest on top of that band on my forehead and help a little. I am really excited about doing the run in the dark....I'm a little anxious that it is a trail run in the dark and Im really not use to trail running so I am going to have to just relax take my time and keep my head down. It is going to be pretty muddy after all the rain last night and today and one report is calling for a little snow. The race begins at 6pm and there are 500 people running and of those about 73 are doing the full marathon. The also have a half and a quarter that evening.

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