Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Huff 50K 2013

 Drove to Albion the afternoon before and went straight to packet pick-up. They let me get Shawn and Alex's as well so that made it nice. Went to the hotel ate my Jimmy Johns turkey sandwich and chilled while I waited for the boys to get there. Once they arrived they unpacked all their clothes they brought trying to decide what to wear, I was dying cause there were at least 10 different tops, pants, several shorts, long sleeves- enough for a couple weeks of runs! Knew it would be chilly start but would warm up fast as the sun was suppose to come out and temps expected in the high 40's! I first was gonna wear a short sleeve then just a long sleeve but when I got outside the wind was kinda chilly so I opted for short sleeve with my waffle warm jacket and lightweight buff.  Ran into a bunch of marathon maniacs before the start and met some folks in live person that I had only met online thru facebook and beginnertriathlete.com. Porta potty lines were long and not sure if thats why the race started about 10 min late but we didnt get off till about 8:20. Shawn, Alex and I started together and Shawn dropped us before we hit mile one and I thought Alex was right with me but got ahead of him around mile 2 I think.
The trails had some snow on much of them and I knew the second loop was gonna be a mud fest!  I never really worry about time but for some reason I wanted to see if I could PR here and beat last years time. For some reason I thought I was 7:03 last year so my mind kept telling me I wanted to be under 7:00 hours. The first loop was uneventful, I took my jacket off by mile 4 or 5 and it was a little chilly when the winds blew but really felt good! I met a couple new runners and had to cross a creek which was comical, I am terrible at creek crossing and am so cautious and I really didnt wanna just go thru it since it was just lap one and kinda cold, I see 3 large rocks to hop on and a small branch crossing to the left of it so I bend down almost crawling across while I am holding this small branch and carefully stepping on each rock, once I got across those that I held back started cheering for me! A few came upon me a few moments later patting me on the back saying you made it!!!  There was a photographer there so if that picture does justice to my fear I will add it to this recap when I find it. During the first loop I refilled my water bottle at each aid station and grabbed some pretzels or something quick and tried to not hang out too long, only had a couple potty stops throughout the entire course.  Around mile 10 or so of the first loop my mind was already playing with me and just bored so I did turn my iphone on airplane mode and turned on the itunes to allow some music to play out loud while I had it in my hand held.  I kept playing over in my head that I didnt feel like running anymore...then I would tell myself you didnt drive 5 plus hours to DNF and its your last event of the year and you dont ever DNF so whats wrong with you! I also would analyze if I would DNF then I wouldnt be celebrating my 50th "official" marathon/ultra at New Orleans with some friends. I say official due to the BoB 50 not giving me credit for 50 miles as they dont allow you to drop from what you sign up for, even if requested weeks in advance, and the MOX 12 Hour didnt give us a finish time since we didnt stay on the course for the entire 12 hours....even though we had no intentions of staying on the course for 12 hours we were looking for a 50K training day and dont think we could crawl 31 miles in 12 hours! But enough of that sour spot....so that what I mean when I say "official" those events that post finish times and results to the public are considered official.  Once I made the loop I felt a little refreshed, my iphone battery was getting low since I had forgotten my charger and I did decide to put on my new Jaybird and pull out my nano. Typically I dont like earphones in both my ears on a run as I like to hear people coming on me and the sounds of the outdoors but I needed something to keep my mind occupied besides the voices that stay in my head....I knew they would keep me company after the run while I had the long drive home.  Things did get pretty muddy by lap 2 but it was fun, a couple slips with no falls and no slip that caused the body to stretch in ways it is not suppose to. I started chatting with a young girl who was doing her first 50K, she had done 2 marathons previously and had only been running about a year and was nice to chat with, we were following a group of 2 guy and there were 3 girls behind them and they turned wrong, I could tell something wasnt right when we went over a bridge as it didnt look familiar and there wasnt enough foot prints for this to be the correct trail, they realize about the same time and hollowed back if we see any pink ribbons, I started jogging back and saw where we went off and yelled back at them - yes we missed the hill! So up we go, I had gotten ahead of the gal I was chatting with as we had to back track some and then my mind was still wondering if I could beat last years time. I dont recall what mile it was but I saw a friend of mine in front of me and I couldnt figure out how he got there, I had passed him right from the start of the race and never once saw him come by me on the first loop? This was his 3rd year in a row for this event also and he lives close enough by so he knows the course. I approached him and asked where the heck did you pass me?? I would think I would notice those bright orange compression socks coming by plus we woulda spoke, he kinda just shook his head but this still was playing in my head thinking I was crazy- as I passed again and could tell he was struggling I looked back and said Surely this isnt your first lap is it and he did answer no. That played in my head the rest of the run on and off as I thought I lost it?  I put my jaybirds back on and cranked the tunes up, looking at my watch trying to analyze if I was gonna beat my time from last year which I thought was 7:03- (but afterwards I found it was 6:55!!!) When I got to the aid station where you get to ring the bell for good service I actually decided I would grab half of a hamburger, I was hungry and the cliff shots were too sweet and the pretzels and goldfish were not cutting it, I put some ketchup and mustard on it and folded the piece of bread over and off I went while eating my burger, rang the bell and down the hill I went.  Things got muddier and slipperier and a couple times I would try to jump into more leaves and grab tree to tree going downhill to try not fall and bust my ass. I made it!! With about 4 miles to go I was out of water and the unmanned aid station had some coolers there but they were drained...I knew I had a couple more miles till the last aid station and it was only about a mile from the finish so I started then playing the number games in my head as to what pace I would need to go to finish in under 7 hours. My watch was set up for overall pace not mile pace so I had no idea what my current pace was. My toe had a little blister and foot was hurting but anymore I look at it and tell myself I've felt better and I've felt worse- keep moving! My knee didnt give me any issues at all! I got to that last aid station and remembered they had the potatoes there the first time around to dip in salt but I didnt wanna waste the time, I wanted to beat last years finish!! I knew i need some water so I had my top opened and grabbed a cup and dumped it in while a volunteer dumped another and I said thats plenty to get me thru the finish. At this point we are close to the lake again and there is a small single track below the road and it is uneven and very very slippery and muddy, I had to take my time but stayed focused and ran thru as fast as I could, I saw Shawn at his car waiting and I said hey and slowed for a short second and said Im moving fast I think I can beat last years finish time, Im not sure where Alex is but I lost him only a couple miles into the run. I came towards the finish shoot and the clock read 6:48!!! Holy shit you did it! At that time I thought it was a 15 min PR but later found last years results and was only a 7 min PR....hey a PR is a PR!!! I got my medal and asked a guy to take my photo, didnt stay for the soup as I wanted to find the showers and start heading home so I wouldnt be much later then 10pm. Got to the car and told Shawn bye and apologized for not sticking around to see Alex finish but we had no idea where he was and I had an extra 100 miles to drive then they. Found the shower and was a little cold but felt good to get the mud and sweat off me before heading home. I had a super day and was glad I didnt bail-I actually had told Shawn and Alex on Friday that I may not drive over and do it, but I also knew if I didnt there was no way I woulda got the training miles in on my own at home. I am still very disappointed in my friend who told me later that he thinks he got off course at mile 11 (lap one) when he stepped off to go the bathroom in the woods and people were coming both directions-my mind cant help but say you had a garmin there were mile markers everywhere why didnt you turn around when you realized it, this is the 3rd year in a row for doing this course how could you get confused? and then I ask since you knew the first time around where you missed it which is the 3 mile loop why didnt you take that loop twice on your second lap to make it up? Instead you take a finish medal and accept and post your time?? Lost some respect for a fellow runner today- we run for ourselves so I thought...why would you say you finish something that you clearly didnt finish? I doubt our tombstones will read here lies such and such who completed blank amount of marathons/ultras in their lifetime.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

First Day Of Winter Fat Ass 50K

 Been having a hard time keeping motivated to do my long runs so thats why I tend to sign up for events that are fairly close to home or have a double weekend away to get two long run ins on the weekends. I decided why not host a free Fat Ass Event on the first day of winter out at our local park that is a fairly easy course but would be 16 loops for a 50K, that way being a fat ass with no support etc they would pass by the shelter house for anything they needed every 1.95 miles. I decided to make finisher and DNF medals out of wood for fun, made cookies, white chocolate dipped pretzels, PBJ, goldfish crackers, reg pretzels, brought water and gatorade and asked the others to bring stuff to share as well. We had an awesome buffet!!!
We had 24 folks that signed up for the event and many of these had only run one 5K prior but were planning to come out to meet new friends and run what they could. This is another reason I did the DNF medal just for fun and for those to have something to remember the event with.  The weather was calling for 80% rain friday and 100% Saturday so I knew it was going to be a muddy mess, I also assume A LOT of those that registered would more then likely not show due to the rain.  My friend David Wingard came in from South Caroline and he was planning to do 54 miles, I met David out at the Center of the Nations series and his plans for June are to attempt and break the World Record for the fastest hike of the Appalachian Trail! You can follow him and donate to his cause the Lazarex Cancer Foundation at rundavidrun.org He headed over Saturday am at 5 to get several loops in before the event started at 8am.  My running husbands Shawn and Alex also stayed at my house and they headed out for coffee and a few supplies and I headed out to the park. Yes it was pouring the rain, the streets were nice and flooded so I knew we were in for a treat! Only 12 showed up...I had folks from Ashland KY, Ona WV, Greenville SC, Columbus Ohio, South Shore Ky and some local runners as well. I gave directions for those without garmins for keeping track of loops and the watch was started at 8am. It was pouring the rain!! puddles then mud puddles that became almost lakes but boy it was fun!! After about a half hour the rain did stop but it was just dreary, I changed to a dryer shirt but after a couple loops there came the rain again. It would come and go throughout the day but actually another lucky weekend, It didnt pour the entire time and I would guess out of the 8 hours there was a combined total of 2 in the rain rain but there was no getting away from the huge mud puddles.
It because fun to just run right thru them, it cleaned the shoes off at least for a few moments and the cold water actually felt really good on your feet. I did change shoes a total of 3 times! I had brought mostly old shoes and one pair of fairly new trails Im still trying to get adjusted to. Early afternoon the fog came in and at times it was so thick it was kinda creepy but cool in the same way.  For the most part my body felt good, my right hamstring and groin that has been bothering me on and off since before Umstead kept acting up and not sure if it was from the slipping on the mud and using the muscles different or just the same ole same ole pains that have been coming on for most runs, sometimes I dont feel it but I think its due to the knee or the foot hurting worse so that pain goes away.  I always tell people when they are running and complain about something hurting, just wait something else will hurt worse and that pain will go away.
Throughout the day a couple others came out and did a couple laps and even at the end of the day my dad came out!! He did one lap but wasnt sure of the course so missed a little to cut it short in some places but added on by accident in other places so prolly still was about 1.95 miles each loop, I had one more loop left and he was walking back to the shelter house after knocking some of the mud off his shoes (um yeah they were old dress shoes not running shoes!!) This man walks like a speed demon too so I told him I had one more loop to go did he wanna come with me and he said sure but I dont wanna slow you down, I said I guarantee you that wont happen. His walk is about the pace of my slow jog!! A couple times he had me a nervous wreck cause the mud is soooo slippery I thought he would fall!! Instead he jokes and says this is really good for your balance too! I love my Dad! He walked that 1.95 miles with me in less then 30 miles, yes in the slippery mud and he went around some puddles that he could cause by then they were starting to drain...i acutally slow jogged beside him just to keep up! We ended the day with 5 finishers....Sarah Jarvis from Ona WV, David Wingard from Greenville SC, myself, Shawn Johnson from Columbus Ohio and Alex Fox from Columbus Ohio. It really was a super fun day!

This is what my legs looked like when I got home to shower! I actually clogged my drain.

Rocket City Marathon 12/14/13

 What a time!!! I kept hearing from other friends that PINK was on tour and they had stayed an extra day after such and such run to see her so I thought I wonder if she will be on tour near any of the events I am doing. I found out she was going to be in Birmingham the night before Rocket City, now Birmingham was another 100 miles south drive and the time zone changed. I found this out about a week before and since it was just me I search for tickets for one and got a 12th row seat!!! Hold smokes I gotta see her, I had heard she put on one heck of a show.
I left around 8am friday morning knowing when I arrived it would be an hour before, I had a 465 mile drive to Huntsville went straight to packet pickup and then checked into my hotel and went ahead and laid out my clothes for the run the next am knowing I wouldnt return to my hotel till super late that night. The weather forecast all week would call for 100% ran 36 as a low and 51 as a high then switched to 50% then 70% then back up to 100% the night before,,,ugggg this was gonna such but lets make the best of the weekend and heck Im gonna go see PINK in the 12th row!! I got to Birmingham around 7:30 and the concert was gonna begin at 8:00 with a group called the HIVES, they were a little heavy and screamy for me but they did a decent job. I couldn't believe my seat!!! PINK came out and wow....people were right she is amazing. Lots of acrobats and I have no idea how she sings and does all that. After the concert I had to then drive back to Huntsville 100 miles, I arrived at the hotel at about 1am which was 2am to me and had to get up at 6 to catch the shuttle to the race at 6:45 from my hotel, thought that would be easier then trying to find a parking place. There was almost an hour before the event and met a guy who kinda looked familiar and we got chatting and we had run some events together, he was an older man and was 3 states away from finishing the 50 states for his 3rd time around. I then saw Jorge!! We met at Center of the Nations and I got to meet his wife Paula. Grabbed a banana since our hotel didnt have anything but cookies out yet. Finally we were told to go line up!! It was a light rain and a little windy but not super cold, I did wear a short sleeve with a long sleeve and a toss away rain poncho. When the run started it was spitting the rain and after a couple miles I ditched the poncho as I was getting pretty warm. I eventually took off the long sleeve and tied it around my waste. The rain would just come and drizzle every so often and actually made almost perfect running conditions. I met a guy out there that had some some ultras and had some major medical issues the past year and this was his first marathon back, we talked and ticked off about 5 miles together which was nice. I felt ok but I felt TIRED!!! I had driven almost 800 miles the day before stayed out till 1am (or 2am if you look at my time zone) at a rock concert then slept for about 4 hours and got up to run 26.2 miles. After the event I had some chocolate milk and ice cream sandwich but was ready to get the shuttle back and shower and eat something real and start heading home. I drove about 4 hours and stopped for the night then got up and headed on home at 6am for the last 3.5 hours. That weekend wore me out but it was an amazing time!!!

JFK 50 Miler 11/23/13

 Drove over to Maryland on Friday morning, arrive to packet pick up a little after 3:00 and got to run into my friend and legends of JFK and other events Irish Joe Cleary, Paul Grassie and Steve Bozeman-these are a few of the folks I met last year that made me wanna come back again this year. My friend Kelly Bruno who I met at Umstead was coming for JFK as well as Shawn and Alex. We were all sharing a room and after the race Paul and Joe were hosting a party, this was going to be both their 20th finish and Steve's 26th! I was also looking forward to seeing my friend Shaunte that I met last year and she was going to be volunteering. she came over once the boys had arrived and helped up get one car at the finish line so we could drive one to the start and not have to deal with the shuttle afterwards and the 4 of us went to dinner.  Paul, Joe, Steve, Alex, Shawn and myself were all taking the 2 hour early start as well as some other friends I met last year and at a few other events throughout the year. Kelly is speedy and was fine with the normal 7am start. Kelly is also a single leg amputee and just amazing yet so humble. I will put a spoiler in now and say she finished in like 9:09!! Also is the first single leg amputee to have done the JFK 50 miler!  We had to wake early and tried to be quit as to not wake Kelly, we had to be at the gym by 4:20. I was so worried about Shawn and Alex forgetting stuff that yes I walked off without my bag! I did message Kelly when I thought she would be waking and she had it at the finish for me. We arrived at the gym for the pre race meeting and there I saw a couple other friends I had met before and a few others I had only met on Facebook. Its almost a mile walk to the start in downtown and off we headed.
The race started and it has some good climbs in the beginning and I wanted to save my energy as well as allow Alex to save energy cause I really wanted him to finish this event!! We told Shawn to go ahead and see what he could do as we both could feel his antsiness as we walked the hills, plus his damn garmin was gonna beep every mile and there was no way I wanted to hear that!! I dont even wear a garmin to JFK cause I dont wannt know where I am or how many miles are left, I just ask at the check in stations if I am on time and how much ahead of the check point schedule am I. Alex and I and a new girl we met on the trail stayed together, Im not an expert on the trail but I had been on it last year and knew for the novice runner the biggest trick is to get off the trail unharmed.
 I was a little slower on the trail this year then last but still when I got off I had a good hour in the bank and was ahead of schedule, now it was 26.5 miles on the boring C&O Canal all flat and this is where you can actually bank a little more mileage. I could tell at the first aid station coming off the AT check point Alex was struggling, that trail just sucks the life out of you, constant concentration on every step of the way. I yelled and said grab your shit and eat it on the way, keep moving. He hung with me for awhile and I tried to keep his pace a nice slog job and could tell he was wanting some walk breaks so we would pick out some trees, or bridge or rock or something and make it there to start a walk break for a few. A couple times he started to slag back but he was always in view. I ran into a gal and we got talking about last year, come to find out she was with me on the trail with King Jordan had taken his big spill and ended up with stitches in the head and was unable to finish since it was so bad, I told her after that and seeing Paul have a first aid kit to help him I decided I would run with a first aid kit this year. She pointed that he was just ahead of us and I thought it looked like him and all of a sudden he tripped on a root and down he went, this was on the tow path too! Darn. We ran to his aid I immediately pulled out the first aid kit and others came up to help and asked to get in my bag and I said please do, he had some bleeding from his head and his hand was really gashed with blood going everywhere, he legs were getting covered from his hand dripping and I was getting covered trying to help. He is deaf so can't hear but can speak well since he lost his hearing at age 21. Others were trying to talk to him as they didnt know him and he was upset and even said darn it I made it off the trail without falling this year and here I fall on the straight tow path. He then told the others Im deaf so I started to sign to him, I only remember the ABCs but that helped a lot. We got his head taped up and his hand wrapped tight with gauze and I kept telling him to keep it up in the air to get the blood to stop, his friend Steve said he would stick with him till they got to the next station and there were some medic there, Alex also caught up with us here and helped out for a few and off we went.  At the next station I had to climb a hill to the porta johns and headed up and on my way out told them to watch for him as he would need cleaned up, the volunteers poured some water on my arms and hands to get the blood off me. Alex was coming thru here also as I was heading out and I thought he was just behind me most of the time but he fell way back. I really wanted to stay with him but the time to help King Jordan now was eating away at my time for myself to finish too and I couldnt risk not finishing. I wouldnt trade staying with them on the AT or stopping to help King Jordan for any time on the clock! Later I found out they patched him up at the aid station, the medics wanted him to quit but the RD knew him as he also had about 20 finishes and he knew if he would be in jeopardy. He FINISHED!!!! Afterwards he did go to the hospital and required 10 stitches in his hand....this is why I run folks!!! 70 years old finishing the JFK 50 falling with 30 miles left to go while needing 10 stitches in his hand...and Im gonna complain about my knee issues, or my foot or my hamstring?????? Each aid station I was still ahead of schedule by about 45 minutes, not the 90 i was hoping for but at least I had no doubt that I would finish. It is always a pleasant site to get off that towpath but then you hit road and a nice big climb directly off then some rollers for the next 8.5 miles. Joe was just ahead of me and I came upon him and he knew he was gonna finish but was having some issues and just wanted to take his time. I wanted to check on Alex and he wasnt answering his phone nor was Shawn, I finally got ahold of Shawn as I thought he was prolly finished but he advised me he still have about 3 miles to go and I think I had about 6. He then told me Alex was pulled at mile 38. I was really bummed and pissed at the same time cause I had him time in the bank and really wished he woulda dug deep and kept his eye on the cut off times at each station to know whether he had to just suck it up and jog or walk super fast to get there.  That is one thing about the towpath if you start walking it can make it hard to jump in and jog again, it kinda can suck it out of you and you get lost since it all looks the same.  I was told that last year, Joe said to me, dont catch yourself walking too long because those cutoffs will get shorted and you think you have time and bam it catches you.
 I finished much slower then I had hoped but again I wouldnt trade any time in the world for stopping to help a friend and knowing that stopping and helping and having the first aid I brought in fact is the reason he got to finish makes me feel great!! He woulda lost way too much blood if we were not there with aid right away. I also have no regrets for going a little slower on the AT, it was great spending that time with Alex and our new friend Robin. After the run Kelly had been done for hours, I got something to eat and then realize I totally left my car key in the boys car at the starting line that morning hahaha...so we all had to hope on the shuttle to go back to the start, Kelly was having some blur vision and the Doc there advised her not to drive and her car was at the start so Alex drove them back to the hotel and they got cleaned up while Shawn and I headed back to the finish now to get my car and then return to the hotel. DUH Once we got cleaned up I opened some wine they had a beer and here comes Shaunte, Paul and Joe were ready for the party and we all headed down to their room. Was a total blast, so fun listening to everyones running stories and personal stories. Then next morning Kelly had to head out early and Joe, Paul, Alex, Shawn, Shaunte and I met at the Denny's as this it an annual ritual for breakfast. Next year I wont be able to do JFK again as I have some other events at the same time and sure will miss that JFK Family but hope to see Joe, Paul and Shaunte other places next year!

Hot Chocolate 15K 11/17/13

A couple days before this run I decided to call the Doc about the swelling in the knee, he went ahead and had me start the Medrol pack on Thursday the 14th so that I would be off it for the JFK 50 the next weekend. My friend Tiffany went with me for this run and we stayed at my brothers house, weather was calling for cold windy rain and we were not thrilled, trying to sleep and while trying to listen and see if the rain had started didnt work to well. We got up and it had been raining during the night and spitting the rain that morning. I wore a short sleeve shirt since it was suppose to be in the 40's and then a garbage bag on top to peel off when I got to warm. For some reason we thought the event started a half hour before it did so we were early but the time went by pretty fast. It was colder and windy and drizzlings.  When the event started the drizzle had stopped! Wow we got lucky! We kept a nice even pace for most of the run and really had a fun time. She had done the event last year so remembered the course, and the course went through a few areas that some of the other events hosted in Columbus do not go through and I really enjoyed that different scenery for a change. Even though the wind was blowing we did warm up and I took my garbage bag off in the first couple miles and Tiff had to take her jacket off about half way thru,,, she's a cold blooded runner who will wear long sleeves in the summer if it dips into the 60's  :)  With a couple miles left to the finish the rains came back and it was much more then a drizzle.  We had to walk quite a ways to get out hot chocolate and mugs with the fondue and it was a nice steady cold rain! We got our goodies and the hot chocolate tasted like heaven but was a little too rich for me so I had to toss about half. I also made the mistake of dipping a marshmallow in the chocolate fondue first only because it was the only thing open and now it was pretty much pouring down the rain as we were walking as fast as we could to find the car! Im not a huge marshmallow fan unless it rice crispie treats and this chocolate also was super rich!! We both dumped the chocolate so we didnt have to deal with spilling it and it was so rich it woulda made us sick. Tiff had remembered to bring some kroger bags to put our bowls in due to the fact there was no way to get all that chocolate out with out rinsing it and it would be messy. Was a nice fun day!

Marshall Marathon 11-10-13

I wasn't sure how Marshall was gonna play out as my knee really had given me fits at the Day of The Dead Series. I had taken this week only doing my spin class and a couple walks with the dog allowing the knee to recover a bit. Things felt pretty good that week and headed up to Huntington the morning of the event, I had drove over the day before for my packet since they recommend packet pick up the day before and even though it was a total mess in there I was glad I did it that day because race morning was so much of a nightmare for them they didn't have time to put the timing mat out for the start of the event. I kinda didn't feel it heading over to the run that morning and at one point I actually thought to myself forget this I think I'll just turn around and go back home, all these reason of course go through my head like hey you wanna be totally well for JFK 50 in 2 weeks but I know I will never be totally well for any run! I don't consider myself injured since the problems I have are pretty much chronic, all I can do is the best I can and I do it because I enjoy the people I meet out there for the most part, I love hearing everyones stories and there is always many others with more problems then I have and they continue to run! Saw some friends at the beginning of the run and during the run ran into a few which was nice, also talked with a couple marathon maniacs out on the course. I found myself photo bombing a couple people in the park where the photographer was taking snap shots so I ducked behind and jumped up as fast as I could while he snapped. Marshall Marathon is a 2 loop course, it passes the parking lot around mile 2ish and I decided to take the extra time and little bit of added mileage on to drop my coat and put it on my windshield wiper so that I wouldnt have to run with it tied on my waist for 24 more miles. I felt decent after lap one and just told myself- hey just pretend you just got here and go run a half marathon. When i entered the park with the walking/bike path again I noticed all these stations set up that I didn't notice the first time around? Maybe since the first loop I had ran into some local friends Marty and Jonica and we chatted for a bit. I found a stationary bike on the course and I had to play!! Think it was right at about mile 20, I asked one lady that was sloggy if she was in a hurry and if I could trouble her for a photo but she wasn't willing to stop, I guess she musta felt that 5:00 pace was gonna win her age division or BQ her? Maybe it was a personal best - i shouldn't judge but did find myself entertained by that response. I saw another lady who was just standing in the park and asked her if she would mind
taking my photo, she would have to walk about 10 steps to get the shot so she said see that man with the kids, he will take it for you, he's on his way back over here....he was about 100 feet away but decided i am in no hurry and was worth the wait. He was super cool and loved the idea that I just was out there having a great time, I needed a little bike break, mix those muscle groups up :)
I think about this time I decided to stick some tunes in and start singing to keep myself occupied, my knee and such hurt but it felt better to slog then to walk so thats what I did. I actually ended up finishing this in just under 5:03! How does this happen only a week after 3 marathons in 3 days with a knee the size of a watermelon, stopping and waiting for someone to take my picture playing on the bike, a couple potty breaks, time out and a little extra mileage to put my jacket on my car. I was pleased and actually felt great afterwards.