Monday, December 31, 2012

Reflecting on the Year

As 2012 comes to an end I can't help but shake my head in disbelief at what my mind told my body it was capable of. 2054 miles run! Really....2054 miles run on a knee that 4 Ortho's had told me to stop running on or it would more then likely need replaced in a couple years (end of 2009 and 2010)  10 marathons, 3 - 50K's, 2 - 50 milers a couple half ironman, and several half marathons on a foot with Tarsal Tunnel and the only possible fix to relieve that pain is surgery but it's only 50% success rate which is not high enough for me so I will live with the feelings of Plantar Fascitis day in and day out...on the bright side my mind has learned to block these pains in order for me to carry on and do what I love to do! Believe in yourself!
I got to see so many places this year from running.....I traveled and ran in 13 different states and this gave me a new idea that I wanted to run at least a marathon or Ultra once in each of the 50 states hopefully by the time I turn 50. I'm not like some of the typical 50 Staters club members who won't repeat a state....If there is a run closer to me and it fits in my training plan I will do that state 10 times...I tend to stick to my training plan for those long runs better if I go to an organized run.  It's kinda hard to find folks to come run 26 plus miles on a Saturday with you.
I just returned from Albion Indiana where I did the huff 50K....this was was technically the first big run I've ever done in the snow. I was a little concerned about the run and how I would feel due to the fact I had not been able to run a bunch since the JFK50 miler which was Nov 17th. We hadt the fear that I had a stress fracture on the navicular bone in my foot and after almost 3 weeks and very very limited running we went ahead to do the xray and MRI - I guess stress fractures show up better if you wait 2-3 weeks before having these test cause they should be starting to heal a bit and can see them better, well the results came back that it was tendenosis of the Anterior Tibialis and this Dr is a runner himself, he said he would not tell me not to run but to listen to my body and do not change my gait to compensate for the pain....My longest run was an 18 miler and only had about 80 ish miles in for that entire span. Albion received about 6 inches, I debated on what to wear since I get so hot and decided on the Clear as Mud pant from Lululemon which has a water resistant panel from the knee down and I thought that would be perfect for any deep snow...was so happy Santa brought these to me as they performed exactly as I had hoped. I also wore a long sleeve tech shirt of their but a little light weight then a Nike jacket with some waffle warm goodness inside.  The first mile or so I could feel myself already getting very warm and saw others already taking off their jackets and tying them off, the sun wasnt out and it really wasnt too windy but I chose to keep mine on for a while and see how I felt as the day prolonged. I actually kept the jacket on the entire run and it was perfect for me.  About a half mile or so till the turn around I finally found a porta I approached one of the medic just entered....damn and i knew he had to take a shit just by watching him in the distance...I debated whether to wait or go on but chose to wait. After I relieved myself and headed to the turn around that short period of standing caused my hands to start to freeze, my gloves were wet from my hands being so hot but they were not hot in an unpleasant way up to this point but it did make me stop for my gear check bag and switch out gloves....boy that was a smart idea on my part! Even though I felt really good out here, no major pains I did let my mind wonder a bit and it would ask myself are you really having fun, why do you run, why do you want to keep trying to push yourself simple answer are just to see if I can and by doing so hopefully this will help others realize we are all capable of doing anything we set our minds to. My bad knee got some fluid on it and still is like that so Ive been icing and just biking the past couple days and will play it smart all week before the Frozen Sasquatch 50K this coming weekend...then a 3 week break and off to the beaches of St Croix for their 50 miler...that will be a change...running in snow for 2 weekends to running in the tropical mountains and Sandy Beaches of the Caribbean in 4 weeks!
Bigger goals lie ahead for me next year as I plan to take on my first 100K in Georgia March 3rd my first 100 miler at Umstead on April 6th in Raleigh NC, I plan to do the Center of the Nations marathon series which is 5 marathons in 5 states in 5 days in September 16-20 and I plan to do my first Double Ironman in Virginia in October 11-12th. I'm gonna do another double marathon out West this time in Idaho and Utah in which my son will come with me. We have talked about driving the 1700 miles and stopping at various places on the way but my brother has warned me it's a pretty boring drive till you get out West so we prolly will fly out and then take some days to drive to different sites around the area. And speaking of my son - WOW...he graduated High School this year, He went off to University of Cincinnati for college and is just growing up! There are soooo many things I do wish I could talk him into doing at school with joining clubs, getting active and meeting people but I realize he is the one that has to choose his own path.
In closing out the year for any of you that may read this and struggle with your goals just set you mind to it and DO IT! Believe you can and you will.  There is always someone that has more issues and ailments then you that are doing what we feel is the impossible...make that your possible. What ever it may be, running or walking a 5K and century bike ride, a 10K a half marathon...once you complete one goal set another to work for and go for it.