Sunday, October 28, 2012

2 more states-2 more days

I decided on 2 more states in 2 days and chose Dover Delaware Monster Mash Marathon October the 20th followed by Atlantic City Marathon on the 21st.  It was a 2 hour drive between the two so very doable to get to the next one.  I had decided it would be the first marathon I would do dress in costume and had spent some time trying to figure out what would be comfortable to run in.  I thought about a "monster" costume but nothing looked comfortable, when I went to the Halloween store in Cincinnati the weekend before to pick up Tanner I found the perfect costume for the occasion! RICHARD SIMMONS!!!  I was a little worried about my legs as I had only ran a couple half marathons in the past 4 weeks since the last back to back events due to some hamstring tightness, I knew I couldnt lose my fitness but the anxiety of wondering if I rested too much was on my mind. I left early friday morning as it was about a 9ish hour drive without stops and I was looking forward to seeing all the gorgeous fall colored trees along the ride                 .
It was kinda a dreary day in some spots and the sun would be out for a few then a drizzle and lots of fog throughout the morning and into the early afternoon.  I noticed that I was heading near Boonesboro MD and decided to drive by the school and case things out a little for the JFK50 miler which I will be doing on November 17th.  I arrived in the town around 12:30 and it was still super foggy, I drove by the school and thru the cute historic downtown up to where I had found there was a park where the Appalachian Trail came through, I have no idea if we are on the trail at this point but I still enjoyed seeing it...well what I could see of it with all the fog!

I can say this was not my weekend for hotels.  I arrived at the Days Inn in Dover Delaware and headed over to get my packet at the casino.  I met up with David Corfman for dinner and had a wonderful time talking Ultras and Running.  When I got back to the room it was around 8pm so I thought I'd turn the tv on and cozy on up in bed since I had left around 5am this morning driving all day.  As I laid down I felt something on me and looked down and there were 2 roaches crawling across the front of me. I called the front desk they said to come on back and they would give me another room. I loaded all my stuff in the car and drove to the main building..this Days Inn consisted of 3 separate one level buildings.  There were some other runners I had seen at the packet pickup getting a room and when they left they asked if they could help me and I said yes I have roaches in my room! The one lady says SHHHHH I said why It's true?? So they gave me a key to a room just a few doors down....I unloaded my car brought my things inside, sat them down and went to lock the door and above was spiders and cobwebs all over!! You've got to be kidding me! I tried to call the front desk but the phone in this room doesn't work so I found the number and called on my cell phone...again come on up we are sorry we will give you another room...this time they put me in a different building.  Now its' after 9pm and I am trying to settle in, I completely inspect the entire I tried to sleep I kept thinking I could hear mice running around and all sorts of noises....what a miserable evening. No Days' Inn didnt offer to comp the room or anything for the nastiness or inconvenience. The race started at 7am and I headed over a little after 6...glad I did cause I just assumed I would go around the casino to the back side to get to the racetrack entrance but the gates were closed...I asked a security guy and he told me how to go.  I arrived at the start and there was several others in costume which made it alot of fun.  They said last year was the first year for the race and they only had 36...this year the half and the full both had about 200 per race so that was a great growth for them!  I met several other marathon maniacs and 50 States members and about 15 or so were all going to NJ the next day.  I set my Garmin for a 5 min run 1 mil walk so that I would take it slow and not try to just run it runs are not about speed or racing they are training runs for longer this case I have JFK50 Miler on November 17th.  I thought if I stuck with plan I could drag this out to around a 5 hour marathon and then I would be in good shape for the next days marathon at a 4 min run 1 min walk pace and maybe do it in about 5:30 or so. I had a great time at this marathon and stopped for photos and chatted with others. At mile 21 someone had a toilet in there front yard they were tossing away...what a perfect porta potty stop!  It got hot especially with the plastic afro Richard Simmons wig but I kept it on the entire run.  They announced Richard Simmons as coming across the finish line and commented that it must be real hair and not a wig since I still was wearing it! haha I finished in 5:08 so wasnt too far off what I was aiming at.  I didnt see any drinks or food but didn't look either as I was ready to head back and get a quick shower and make the drive to Atlantic City NJ.
I stopped to gas up and grabbed a big chocolate milk and some peanut butter pretzels for the drive.
I arrived at the Showboat and by looking at the map it looked to be right next door to Bally's but it was about a 1.25 mile walk down the boardwalk.  It was right at 4pm so I was able to check in at the hotel took my stuff to the room and just took their shuttle down to Bally's.  I got my packet and said hi to David...he ran both states as well but his Sunday's run was pacing a 3:40 marathon group....seriously!!! I hadnt really eater much but wasnt super hungry, our hotel had a sandwich place called Earls so I grabbed a turkey/avacado sammie and chips and went ahead and ate dinner. I ate half the sammie and grabbed an extra pop and put them in the fridge thinking after the run if I didnt feel like going anywhere I would have this as back up. The run started at 8am...I headed down the boardwalk around 7:15 as the sun was rising.
Found my corral and spoke with a couple of the maniacs I met the day before but most didnt recognize me since I wasnt Richard! The first couple miles felt pretty good, I met a lady from NJ who was 39 and she started chatting with me right after I past the turtle crossing sign...felt it was appropriate that I have my photo taken crossing there. We ran together for about 6 miles or so and I told her I was on a 4 to 1 pace and was planning to stick with it even if it felt good, at my 1 min walks I tried to stretch things out a mile 10 I was starting to feel pretty rough was a different rough, not the knee or the foot so much but more of an achy legs feeling. Another lady said by to a gal she was running with at this time since the half split from the full and she jumped in with us. Soon the 2 of them broke away and I was ok with that....I was ready to just put my head into my music and sing to get thru the miles. Im not good at remembering which mile things happen at but I saw a guy dribbling a basketball and he does half marathons all over the USA for a cause. We also got to a tunnel and ran thru it...this was really people were screaming inside to hear the echos.
I also remember when I still had 10 miles to go I texted my son and said this ones hurting a bit and he said just think of something else...I was still singing to get my mind off things. At a turn around I saw a guy juggling 6 balls! Seriously there was no way this joggler was gonna beat me!  I finally arrived back to the boardwalk and remembered it was a long stretch but the wood to run on and the ocean by my side would be nice to look at. This was alittle over 3 miles. I was on the phone with my folks and telling them I had about 3 miles to go and I see the joggler coming....this is not happening! But I told myself also...he didnt run a marathon yesterday either haha. I still wasnt gonna let him beat me so I said screw the run walk pace and I shuffled along for the next 3 miles to the finish...actually felt better to shuffle then to take the walk break.  I came upon another young guy who had resorted to walking and was looking rough shaking his head as to say come on finish get here...I looked at him and giggled and said come on...just shuffle the guy juggling is coming and you can't let him beat you! He said oh shit...and tried to shuffle with me but quickly let him mind take over and resorted back to hanging his head and walking.
 I didnt look back so I dont know if he ever picked up his pace again....I didnt want to know if the joggler was close to me!  I was pleased with my time...It felt like it was slower then 4 weeks ago when I did the 50K/Marathon but finished in 5:43 where as the last back to backs was 5:50. I did have to stop more the last one due to my toenail trying to come off and taping it back on twice so my running time was prolly a little faster. When I finished I grabbed a banana, water and pretzel and totally forgot about the free beer!  I headed back up the boardwalk towards my hotel and got about 3.4 mile and there was a Hard Rock Cafe, I was ready to sit and eat something. I then kept wondering how was I gonna get back up! I ate a little then stood up and was stretching while I waited for my change...once I showered and stretched some more I felt pretty good-looked in the fridge and my half sandwich and pop were completely frozen. I unplugged and replugged it in and made sure it was on low then headed down to the blackjack table, lost $120 in about 30 minutes and that was enough for me...I decided to grab a milkshake and headed out to the boardwalk and beach to walk some more of the soreness out.
 Thought the turtle crossing sign was very appropriate.