Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hot Chocolate 15K 11/17/13

A couple days before this run I decided to call the Doc about the swelling in the knee, he went ahead and had me start the Medrol pack on Thursday the 14th so that I would be off it for the JFK 50 the next weekend. My friend Tiffany went with me for this run and we stayed at my brothers house, weather was calling for cold windy rain and we were not thrilled, trying to sleep and while trying to listen and see if the rain had started didnt work to well. We got up and it had been raining during the night and spitting the rain that morning. I wore a short sleeve shirt since it was suppose to be in the 40's and then a garbage bag on top to peel off when I got to warm. For some reason we thought the event started a half hour before it did so we were early but the time went by pretty fast. It was colder and windy and drizzlings.  When the event started the drizzle had stopped! Wow we got lucky! We kept a nice even pace for most of the run and really had a fun time. She had done the event last year so remembered the course, and the course went through a few areas that some of the other events hosted in Columbus do not go through and I really enjoyed that different scenery for a change. Even though the wind was blowing we did warm up and I took my garbage bag off in the first couple miles and Tiff had to take her jacket off about half way thru,,, she's a cold blooded runner who will wear long sleeves in the summer if it dips into the 60's  :)  With a couple miles left to the finish the rains came back and it was much more then a drizzle.  We had to walk quite a ways to get out hot chocolate and mugs with the fondue and it was a nice steady cold rain! We got our goodies and the hot chocolate tasted like heaven but was a little too rich for me so I had to toss about half. I also made the mistake of dipping a marshmallow in the chocolate fondue first only because it was the only thing open and now it was pretty much pouring down the rain as we were walking as fast as we could to find the car! Im not a huge marshmallow fan unless it rice crispie treats and this chocolate also was super rich!! We both dumped the chocolate so we didnt have to deal with spilling it and it was so rich it woulda made us sick. Tiff had remembered to bring some kroger bags to put our bowls in due to the fact there was no way to get all that chocolate out with out rinsing it and it would be messy. Was a nice fun day!

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