Sunday, December 22, 2013

Marshall Marathon 11-10-13

I wasn't sure how Marshall was gonna play out as my knee really had given me fits at the Day of The Dead Series. I had taken this week only doing my spin class and a couple walks with the dog allowing the knee to recover a bit. Things felt pretty good that week and headed up to Huntington the morning of the event, I had drove over the day before for my packet since they recommend packet pick up the day before and even though it was a total mess in there I was glad I did it that day because race morning was so much of a nightmare for them they didn't have time to put the timing mat out for the start of the event. I kinda didn't feel it heading over to the run that morning and at one point I actually thought to myself forget this I think I'll just turn around and go back home, all these reason of course go through my head like hey you wanna be totally well for JFK 50 in 2 weeks but I know I will never be totally well for any run! I don't consider myself injured since the problems I have are pretty much chronic, all I can do is the best I can and I do it because I enjoy the people I meet out there for the most part, I love hearing everyones stories and there is always many others with more problems then I have and they continue to run! Saw some friends at the beginning of the run and during the run ran into a few which was nice, also talked with a couple marathon maniacs out on the course. I found myself photo bombing a couple people in the park where the photographer was taking snap shots so I ducked behind and jumped up as fast as I could while he snapped. Marshall Marathon is a 2 loop course, it passes the parking lot around mile 2ish and I decided to take the extra time and little bit of added mileage on to drop my coat and put it on my windshield wiper so that I wouldnt have to run with it tied on my waist for 24 more miles. I felt decent after lap one and just told myself- hey just pretend you just got here and go run a half marathon. When i entered the park with the walking/bike path again I noticed all these stations set up that I didn't notice the first time around? Maybe since the first loop I had ran into some local friends Marty and Jonica and we chatted for a bit. I found a stationary bike on the course and I had to play!! Think it was right at about mile 20, I asked one lady that was sloggy if she was in a hurry and if I could trouble her for a photo but she wasn't willing to stop, I guess she musta felt that 5:00 pace was gonna win her age division or BQ her? Maybe it was a personal best - i shouldn't judge but did find myself entertained by that response. I saw another lady who was just standing in the park and asked her if she would mind
taking my photo, she would have to walk about 10 steps to get the shot so she said see that man with the kids, he will take it for you, he's on his way back over here....he was about 100 feet away but decided i am in no hurry and was worth the wait. He was super cool and loved the idea that I just was out there having a great time, I needed a little bike break, mix those muscle groups up :)
I think about this time I decided to stick some tunes in and start singing to keep myself occupied, my knee and such hurt but it felt better to slog then to walk so thats what I did. I actually ended up finishing this in just under 5:03! How does this happen only a week after 3 marathons in 3 days with a knee the size of a watermelon, stopping and waiting for someone to take my picture playing on the bike, a couple potty breaks, time out and a little extra mileage to put my jacket on my car. I was pleased and actually felt great afterwards.

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