Saturday, January 21, 2012

Screw Guilt

This weeks runs have all felt kinda blah....and this morning it took forever to get myself out of bed. I laid around till - well I'm afraid to say but I laid in bed till almost 1pm! I then had a craving for a giant cheeseburger so I drove to Ashland KY and fulfilled that craving at Five Guys, I also got french fried....I'm here to tell you with all the starving people out there I have no idea why the smallest fry they have is like an entire sack of potatoes! I was hoping by the time I got home I would find a little MOJO but that still hasnt happened. My quads are a little tired today as I did some leg work and a short bike yesterday and I am really looking forward to a long long run tomorrow. The weather today has still be dreary with temps hovering around 29, grey skies and some spits here and there of snow. Each time I get up thinking that I will change into my running clothes I think of something else I need to do and talk myself out of it.....I also tell myself I'm not in the mood to get sweaty and hot today. So far the excuses have been working. I then look at my monthly training plan and how each week this month I have had an excuse for one of my runs.....I then kinda feel guilty for that but try to rationalize that my body is telling me to Screw Guilt and it just wants an extra day right now and it's ok.

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