Sunday, January 15, 2012

Title Change?

Today my ankle was bothering me...I havent had any ankle pain so this was new and I dont remember twisting it on the trail yesterday but it was a good enough excuse for me to bag my 14 miler today :-) I decided to go to the gym though and do the expresso bike and EFX and some weight training instead. I have discovered all this run concentration has lead to lack of bike fitness...even though I teach spin class 3 times a week its still not the fitness I was getting when i was riding the expresso bikes! The ride that I did today has lots of elevation and is a 10 took me 45 minutes which was almost 6 minutes slower then my personal best when I was biking more. Now I have decided on my off days I must go and ride the expresso bikes after my spin class or at some point during those days or when Ironman training kicks in its gonna be rougher.
As I was on the EFX I started thinking about the title of my blog....I called this My First Ultra due to the fact that I was going to blog about my training journey for my first 50 mile run in the middle of April....I had no intentions when I started this blog of doing a 50K before hand and when my friend Chris presented that race to me I said cool sounds like fun I'll do it....and so I did. So now I have already technically done "My First Ultra" LOL but not a FIFTY MILER so I guess I will keep the title.
Alot was on my mind today with my long runs going to be increasing the to 22-26 mile on Saturdays followed with 10-14 on Sundays....Im a little concerned about the long long runs just because its gonna get so lonely out there. My friend who was running long with me is the one that broke her ankle about a month ago...she is going back to Dr on the 17th so hoping she will be able to do some short ones and be back at it in no time. The break wasnt as bad as first expected but she will still have to start back slow. The other person that was running my Sunday recovery runs hasnt been able to join me for about 6 weeks now. I have tried to sign up for marathons and such on as many weekends that I can find them close to home just to have others to run long with...the next one is the night time one in Indianapolis on the 28th of this month and then the end of Feb in Columbus is one that does a one mile loop over and over (fun fun LOL) hey but its with people and there is support on the course! Then in March I have 2 marathons and a 25K and then middle of April is the big daddy! Im not sure how I will deal with the long runs when I am forced to be inside....I am already thinking about this Tuesday...there is 100% chance of rain and temps in the 40's so dont know if I wanna run in the cold rain yet...If there is a 90% chance of rain I try to look on the bright side and say thats 10% chance it wont and have been lucky so far and found a window within the day to get a run in. Tuesday is only 14 miles so I will deal with it when the time comes....but I cant help to think what will I do when its a 24 miler! LOL

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