Saturday, December 17, 2011


My long distance running partner and good friend Tiffany broke her ankle last devastating! My training plan called for an 18 miler today but in talking with some ultra runners they suggested I try to do 20-22 at a 12-13 min mile pace since my 50K is coming up Jan 7th. I didnt look for a plan for the 50K cause it really wasnt something that was in my mind to do when I signed up for the 50 miler and the 50K kinda accidently presented itself to me thru another friend Chris (Thanks!) So with Tiffany out I still had to do my miles but decided on a different route that would keep me close to civilization and my car so I could stop every 7-8 miles to refuel if needed. I did Lampblack trail adding in a little of the main road 3 times thru. I started the run with the idea of trying to keep my pace back at a 12-13 min average for the entire run...last week I did 2 laps of the course but I went out to see how fast I could go and averaged a 10:50 min mile....I knew I couldnt do 3 laps if I did this pace though. So I walked the hills from the get go...Im not sure if it helped cause boy was I tired after wards....but that could also be due to the fact that I went 22.56 miles and my longest run to date is 17 straight up. Tiffany and I did 19 a couple weeks ago but we did the fast 5K race before heading out for 16 so had a little bit of a rest in between. I tried to fuel without worrying about the calorie amazes me how many weight watcher points are in a gu. I had 4 gus for a total of 10 points!! I started the run with an uncrustable PBJ, had the 4 gu's half banana, 2 power bar brand things call oatmeal energy bites....i liked them pretty well and about 16 oz of water. That amount of fuel added up to be my entire days worth of weight watcher points but I cant let that play with my head. Upon finishing I had another banana chocolate milk and when i got home a giant bowl of fresh fruit! Tomorrow I am going with Chris as she has a 12 miler and it will be a good recovery run for me.
I think I know why my legs felt more tired today...I taught a pretty tough spin class yesterday and upped my weights while doing walking lunges.

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