Saturday, December 3, 2011


Wow.....I did learn a lesson today but I have no regrets. I started getting a bug on Weds evening and went out of town shopping with a friend on Thursday...when I got home Thursday evening I had been chilling and feeling a slight fever so I got some antibiotics and started them immediately. I bagged the 8 mile run that night since I was feeling weak and fevered and thought I'd be better to miss that then my longs this weekend. I took friday off and rested all day and felt really good this morning. There was an new 5k being held this morning for the Red Cross and I wanted to support it...knowing I had an 18 miler on tap I hesitated on doing the 5K but I also hated not to support a new event. So my friend Tiffany and I (she does the long long runs with me every other weekend) decided we will take it kinda easy and then go run 15 in the forest. Well that never get there in the atmosphere of things and off you go. I felt really was a new route and I actually didnt even know what it would be so it was all a surprise....we went over the river to KY and back and that was a little bit of a climb. I finished in previous best time for a 5k was in 2008 and it was 27:51-1st in my age group and 5th overall female. Tiffany was 3rd overall female and another friend was 2nd overall female..this friend is my age but they didnt let her get two awards so thats how I guess I was 1st in my age group. We then stopped and I changed into a dry bra, got my nutrition, my new trail shoes and my regular running shoes as I didnt want to go 15 plus miles in brand new shoes especially a new style and brand of shoe...I am glad I thought of this! We did out 8 mile trail out and back twice so that we could stop at the truck and I could change shoes...also grabbed a half banana and swapped out my water bottles. We headed back out for the 2nd loop and it wasnt too far into it when we realized how tired we were and how silly it was that we did push ourselves on the 5k. I actually felt I coulda pushed harder on the 5k but now I am glad I didnt! We had about 6 miles left and kinda started laughing cause we were both sooooo miserable. She and I can usually carry on conversation for hours while running but neither of us were in any sort of chatty mood at this point and we were grabbing for anything to try to keep the others spirits up. I turned on my itunes on my iphone and let it play out the phones speaker and sang a little bit to try to keep my mind off things...I had to stop a couple times and stretch my hamstrings....when we saw the truck it was like an angel sitting down there waiting on us. We made it we did it and it turned into 15.9 miles....sure we coulda turned around when we knew it woulda been 18 total for the day but even though we were feeling like crap we had to get to the end of the trail. We started a new tradition with this trail as well....there is a gate across the street so we have to get to the gate and touch it before turning around....I think that is the OCD in me. :)

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