Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rock N Roll New Orleans Marathon

Oh My......I don't even know where to begin for this weekend and event so let's just start from the beginning. I flew out of Dayton which is a little farther drive to the airport then Cincinnati or Columbus but I have to go by the least expensive ways to travel in order to go to so many events.  Haley and her husband Kurt were at the airport to pick me up, I was starving but there was an hour time difference so the lunch place wasnt opening until 11am- it was only an hour away so we took their things to Haley's cousins who has a place there and then got to the Po Boy place just before it opened. YUMMMY!! After we ate I got checked into my hotel and we headed down to the French Quarter and then onto the expo. This was going to be Haley's first "official" pacing event too! very exciting. The line at Cafe De Monde was so long we decided we would get some beignets another time.  Took the trolly car to dinner but the place we were going to had sold and was only open for lunch right now so we headed to another place, the trolly cars were nowhere in site! They were doing some repairs on the track so we had to hop off the trolly onto a bus then back on a trolly, instead of waiting we just started walking. We got to a restaurant that had amazing sliders! Got back to the room chilled a bit and got to bed.

My friend David from the UK was running with a group of his friends and dropped me a special edition UF BUFF to wear, his organization is sponsored by Buff so that cool. Haley had to be there really early due to pacing so they parked at my hotel she headed down and a little after 6am I met Kurt and he and I walked to the start.  Arrived in time to meet up with David and his group and some other marathon maniacs and had our group photo. Off we went, the day was very very dreary, light misty rains super foggy and about 60 degrees.
At times you couldnt see too far ahead of you from the fog.The course consisted of an out and back one way then an out and back towards the french quarter. Aid stations were only a couple miles apart and super early in the race was the first beer station, I decided to pass on the first one as the size of those beers intimidated me and heck it was only 7:20am? I had thought on the second out and back when we pass my Cafe De Monde I would stop during the race and grab a bag to go, as we passed the line was semi long and the weather was so moist I decided I didnt want the sticky white powdered sugar all over me. Soon after I got to the next station with beer I decided what the heck, Im in New Orleans so I grabbed a cup of beer and went on my way. A couple miles up the road was another beer station with jelloshots as well!! OK... let's do this again, so another beer and this time a jelloshot. I was also stopping at the stations that had JUST water and would have a sip or so of water so I wouldnt dehydrate too quickly. At this point it became super fun as I decided to run from beer station to beer station, they were not at every aid station though so I had that little sense of surprise wondering when they would pop up.  Up ahead I see a sign that says Beer Aid station so I know I'm coming on another, not only did this one have beer this one also had small martini's with olive and all!!!

 Of course I had both, I wasnt going to be rude to these folks that took the time out of their day to make martini's and offer us beer!  By now I am feeling good, laughing, giving high fives to other runners and the maniacs, I spot Elvis so had a selfie with Elvis, posting photos on Facebook and then I decided my goal for this run was to try to finish sober ha! I hadnt run the course before and even though it was 2 out and backs wasnt for sure if we would pass the same aid station but I was hoping we would!! I was ready for another martini. I never saw the jello shots again but did run into the martini station and a couple more beer stations. I think the total count was about 8 cups of beers, 2 martinis and a jello shot all in 4:51! So much fun...Now to wait on Haley and try to find Kurt- but first my free beer at the end also! I couldnt get ahold of Kurt and finally Haley had messaged and said she had lost most that were in her group and had to slow down a tad so she could finish in the time she was pacing, you dont wanna be too early and you dont wanna be late you wanna hit your pacing time as close as possible so that you can get another gig.  She said Kurt was messaging me and was dancing somewhere ha. We all finally found each other and took the bus back to the start and went for food and shower and ready to go out for the evening.

 Kurt had some schoolwork to do so Haley and I headed on to Bourbon Street, stopped for a Hand Grednade and started walking around, it was super sweet so we headed to Cafe De Monde to get our beignets. Love them!!! After that I switched to beer and we headed to Pat Obriens till Kurt came on down.  We hung out a bit and he was ready to eat again so we all walked down to a nice italian type restaurant and I had some more beer while he ate. I think by then we went ahead and head to Cats Meow- beers for 3 for 1 when we got there so hey had to go for it! Then I was in the mood for shots so I ordered us all those car bomb thingy's....now I was ready to sing. I had messaged Doug another maniac to come on down and shortly after he and Eddie showed up. After my second song we all headed back to Pat Obriens but Doug didnt make it, instead we picked up 2 guys with their marathon shirts on and just another random non runner.  Conversation was hilarious as the non runner was like I can run a mile or 2 and he runs that FAST!! But I cant imagine being able to go that far. I think by the end of the evening he was convinced if he wanted to do it he really could. They headed back to the hotel they were staying at that night and I was still having a hurricane that came from somewhere and singing with the dueling pianos. I ended up at another table with a couple girls and guys and they were buying me shots and more drinks and then realized I needed to get a cab and get back to the room so I could get to the  airport the next morning.
When I woke up wow, I hadnt had that kind of hangover in a long time and looking thru the pictures on my phone reminded me of the movie the Hangover...there was a selfie of myself and a police man who helped get me a cab and told them where I was staying? A picture of myself with the random strangers I decided to stay with that were buying me shots and drinks, my bag was completely packed and ready when I woke as well.  Haley and Kurt picked me up and we headed to a breakfast place, Kurt was feeling just as I was and neither of us could eat. I made it to Atlanta and there I was finally able to have food and got greasy 5 Guys and that help tremendously! The flight was delayed about 30 minutes and I was think uggg that means we wont land till after 9pm then I will still be almost 3 hours getting home after that, I talked it over in my head that I prolly would just get a hotel in Dayton since I was so tired and still not 100% but then they made an announcement! They needed folks to give up their seats for a $300 voucher as well as a night in a hotel and we would fly out at 10:30am!! Heck yes sign me up....Perfect ending to a super fun short run cation!!!

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