Tuesday, February 11, 2014

First Podcast Released!!!

How cool is that.....I met Matt Johnson when we both got out RCAA Adult running coaching certification in Dayton last year and I'd kept in touch.  He has had a very very successful podcast called Runner Academy for years and has been nominated for the top heath related podcast as well. I had asked him if he had thought about going in another direction to those that are not elite and how myself as well as others that I have worked with whether training for running, just fitness, members of my gym over the past 12 years who do get intimated by those that run a 2:05 marathon compared to some of us running a 2:05 half marathon. It's hard to feel like a runner and some are so discouraged because they allow those in the running community to feel like less of a runner if they are not running a certain pace etc. After a couple months of consideration and other request he felt it was a great idea and he would do TWO podcast now. Matt does a wonderful job with his interviews and love spreading the love of running with all audiences. Here is a link to my podcast debute


Jennifer Hatcher is a single mother from Portsmith, Ohio that came from finding herself at 244 pounds and smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day to a dramatic transformation of now completing 100 mile runs, a marathon maniac, fitness club owner, coach and inspiration to others.

From her first experiences with endurance sports in triathlon she has since found her place in marathon and ultra running having accomplished many years worth of races for most in a span of just two years.

After being told she needed a new knee by 3 separate doctors and that she would never run again, she has ran five 50 milers, over 38 marathons including 31 in different states, the Umstead 100 mile race and more.

This year she has more marathons on her agenda and is planning on running the Zion 100 in Utah.

For many runners completing back to back marathons in a weekend is a big accomplishment – Jenn likes to call it Saturday and Sunday.

In this episode Jenn and I discuss:

How she draws inspiration from others, and you can too
The choice to make excuses, or the choice to look at the big picture and find ways to achieve what you want
Her advice in what you need to do to get started to make your own transformation
How to overcome the frustrations of initially getting into a running habit
Her thoughts on progressing to distances, events and experiences that are new to you and the fear that can accompany them
What is working for her in running ultras and back to back marathons almost every weekend
Her strategy of using races and events to avoid succumbing to other distractions
Running without cartilage in her knee
How she overcame a painful IT Band issue 45 miles into her 100 mile event that stopped her in her tracks
What hurts more: child birth or the aftermath of a 100 mile run

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