Monday, February 10, 2014

Key West Half Marathon

Had a 12 hour event scheduled for this weekend but back in October the race company cancelled it due to lack of participants, I felt that was a little premature since many dont sign up till it's closer but I guess they couldnt take any chances in losing money so they cancelled.
 My best friend Erin and her husband recently got a new place in key largo and I hadnt even visited their other places they had during the past couple years. Now they decided they were sold on the place and found the house they wanted for keeps. I decided this would be a great time to go visit and Key West was having a half marathon this weekend so I talked Erin into doing that with me. She is a very fit lady but just hadnt been run training and in reality to feel good after even 13.1 miles you do need some run training- I told her I had no worries about any pace that lets do this together and have lots of shenanigans along the ways!! This was gonna be hard for her I knew since she is a competitive person but I also knew she had done 2 pervious half's with not much training but a HECK of a lot more then she had been able to for this one.
The run cation started a couple days before the run and we did a yoga class at her local yoga studio, it was a tough class and actually comical for me as I have no coordination but felt ok because Erin doesnt either ha. The next day we took the kayaks out into the ocean and into the mangroves, we had packed a lunch and just had a wonderful day!! It was really really weird for me to go a whole week, (including travel time) and only doing one run and that run being a half! But I will tell you know that was the best week I've had in a long long time! So relaxing and refreshing and just girl time and girl and guy time when She and Dave and I would go to dinner and hang out.
We started with a run walk planned pace and then just decided to play! So we stopped for any and all photo ops along the way and just really enjoyed the beautiful sunny day and each others company. I have only been to Key West once with my son years and years ago as we stopped their during a cruise, I just remember renting a cool looking golf cart thing and seeing Hemingway's house and stuff like that. Here we got to run by all these places. The course was an out and back and we got to run by the southern most point of the US which was another cool photo op. The am started a little chilly but that didnt last long-Even though temps were maybe in the 60's that hot sun does get hot!! When we finish there was all the free booze you could or wanted to drink! But...since we had to drive back to key largo eventually that day we settled on a bloody mary and I had a couple beers. We went to eat at a great Irish pub then went to the beach and just relaxed!! Actually was so hot just laying there in the sun and we got fried!!! Was a super day with a super friend!
Erin's house sits right on the ocean and the next day for a recovery and another relaxing day we took the paddle boards out for a couple hours.  We say a couple small rays and then one really large one. I didnt get to see any sharks but a nurse shark was under her board. It is very common for her to see them, rays and turtles on a daily basis.
Now it was time to go back to reality and to the cold, when I arrived home it was SNOW!
PS remember I suck at tyring to figure out how to put pictures on here correctly!! And my ADHD doesnt allow me to stick to a subject without jumping to the next :)

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