Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Got the Crud

Well last Weds night I went to bed sorta feeling yulky with a sore throat and such and had a friend coming to run from Columbus on Thursday, I had more of a sore throat Thursday and the hollow ear feeling but went and ran anyways. It wasnt in my chest, just sinus pressure, very sore throat hurt like hell to swallow, dry cough that hurt the throat also. After the run I came home and just chilled out but woke up Friday feeling terrible! I had to teach spin class and called my Dr as soon as they opened at 8:30 to see if I could come in and get a shot to boost the get well time, they said they would try to squeeze me in and call, at 11:25 I had heard nothing and they were closing at 11:30 so I called back, oh Im sorry we cant get you in can you come in on monday? Ummmmm what!!! So off to Urgent Care I went, and it wasnt busy at all! I got a antibiotic shot, they swabbed my nose for Whooping Cough as well as any flu virus sent me home with a zpak, prednisone, nasal spray and mucinex. I stayed in bed all weekend. By Sunday the cough had entered into my chest and its pretty deep. I guess this is a forced taper! I am feeling somewhat better physically but the cough is really in my chest. I went out to the forest yesterday for 8 miles and thought atleast I could just walk, i didnt want my heartrate to go too high and start a coughing fit and then turn this into pneumonia so I walked the uphills, slowly jogged the downs and flats and felt pretty good just to get out there. It was pretty windy and the wind was a little chilly. Today I still have the nasty chest cough, headache and lots of pressure behind the eyes but think I will skip my run since it's only 42 outside, dont think that cold air would be good in my lungs. Tonight I have a couple clients and then bootcamp is outside running the levee, I will attempt to run a few ups and downs but am afraid that will really increase the heartrate and cause a major coughing fit. Tomorrow I'll head back out to the forest and see how it feels. Only thing that has me nervous about the run next week, well beside being able to breath by then! But I was thinking about after Im done running/walking/crawling 50 miles I will have a 40 minute drive back to Vegas and I dont know anyone out there. I think maybe the adeline rush of finishing may keep me alert.

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