Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The day before take off

So the time has come, it has really come! Tonight I have to work till after 7pm then I will drive to my brothers in Columbus and either he or my sis in law will take me to the airport for my flight out tomorrow morning. There is 3 hour time difference so will get into vegas in the morning! There is packet pickup tomorrow at an REI store but none of Friday so my plans are to get my packet and I am really excited about going to an REI store! My plans for Friday are to take the rental car and drive over to Death Valley, Furnace Creek and places along the Badwater 135 run route, it will be a most of the day adventure but it will keep my from aimlessly walking around Vegas on my feet and also give me a boost of actually being on the same roads as Marshall, Dean, Lisa and so many others! WOW I am still having a hard time with the reality of what all I have done leading up to this 50 mile run. I look at the past 90 days and beside my regular long run training I actually did one organized 50K and 4 organized MARATHONS! I can't put my head around that right now....and the fastest marathon without really trying was a 4:29 which was a 1:42 minute personal record. Again I never have trained for JUST a marathon-always have done them in an Ironman event or there have been a couple where I was drawn as a lottery winner and I thru them in during Ironman training so that I wouldnt miss the opportunity. Still I am not training for JUST a marathon so my increase in speed has me totally floored too. I ask did I really do that???? Weird feeling! I know I am physically and mentally ready but still am faced with lots of anxiety, anxious more of the unknown, what mile will I totally start feeling like shit, what mile will my knee act up, what mile will my IT Band act up, what mile will the balls of my feet feel like they are on fire and how long do you think it will take you Jenn? I have no idea and no control over any of those answers so it's time I just accept that and relax. The course starts at an elevation of 4650 and for the first 5 miles its a steady climb up to around 5150 feet, then it drops for about 500 feet but looks to be less then a mile, the next 6 ish miles are another steady climb which takes you from 5000 feet to 5900 feet - this is the turn around at mile 11, so we now get to go downhill for 6ish miles!!! up again for less then a mile and back down to start this over for a second loop. After doing this twice we repeat the first 3 miles out and back to total 50 so on a positive note the last 3 miles look to be ALL downhill!!!!

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