Tuesday, June 17, 2014

RNR USA DC and Tobacco Road NC 3-15 3-16-2014

 This was the last double weekend before Zion 1 00. I got into DC and picked up my packet-parking for packet pickup was free so I just went straight there and then asked how to get to the start from the hotel where I was staying and got my metro card. I had to get onto one train switch stations and get on another to the start that morning and was a little nervous about it since it was so early and there were no maniacs at the same hotel that were doing the run. It all worked out perfect and I met with a few other maniacs for a pre run photo.
 I dont really like huge events too much anymore and RNR events are big - especially the first half because there are many more half marathon runners then full marathon runners so it makes it hard to really get into a rhythm. That's kinda funny to type - like I ever get into a rhythm? Im too busy taking photos and posting them during a run to get into a rhythm!
I really enjoyed this event though cause the several times I have been to DC it's only been to the major monuments and the museums and we got to run by several of them as well as run through neighborhoods I have never seen before. I saw one man with one leg...not a prosthetic either and was doing the run on his arm crutches! I took his photo and immediately posted it to my facebook wall with the comment...."What's your excuse"
I finish this one under 5 hours...I've never really paid much attention to my time but this has been a strange year as I have had like 3 marathons all being right at 4:51 something so when I was getting closer to the finish I looked at my watch and knew I would be kinda close again but also knowing I had a good drive from DC to Cary NC for another marathon tomorrow I just stayed with my pace and ended up with 4:54...of course I then thought to myself 2 freaking minutes and you woulda had 4 marathon this year with the same time! ha. I got back to the hotel and had to change in the downstairs restroom since they didn't have a late checkout and then started out for NC.
 One of my friends Mike lives close to were Tobacco Road marathon was and got in touch with me and said he would love to visit and run this with me....he hadn't been running any distance and I told him I was gonna be doing a lot of walking since I did DC the day before and then drove immediately from DC to Cary NC for this run the next morning. He was cool with that and I just didn't want to hold him back. There was a huge flag that hung at the start which was awesome! The course was actually kinda boring on a rail trail, I thought it was going to be an actual trail rather then a bike path..it was nice having some company for the run.  We stopped at the PBR aid station on the way back and had a toast and drink.  After the run I headed on back home. Had a nice weekend!

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