Monday, June 16, 2014

Mercedes Marathon 2/16/14

 Getting to the event was a challenge....we had a nasty snow storm this morning on the drive there and it took 2 hours longer just to get to Lexington KY, once I got out of Lexington things were not as bad then ofcourse the further south there wasn't any snow. I knew I had to go for it as this was the 3rd Alabama marathon of the year and I chose to do the 3N3 challenge so if I missed this then the other 2 marathons in Alabama woulda been a wash. The hotel was in walking distance of the start of the event and packet pickup which makes it great! I got to the start of the race and settled in to my pace group....funny no body else was there?? 5 Minutes per miles sounded just perfect to my dreams! HA
 I ran into one of my most favorite running husband and wife Cathy and

Troy before the run -and we had some catching up to do as it had been about a month already since I had run into them :) last one I believe was when they both were doing marathon number 199 and 200 in January. Temps were a little chilly in the am enough that even I had to wear a long sleeve but I knew it would come off fast but I don't mind tying them around my waste anymore. Its been awhile since this run and don't remember specifics of how I was feeling but do remember there were some very pretty places on the course and I ran into quite a few other maniacs and got to see Larry again out on the course and when he finished.

 There were a couple areas on the course aid stations that were great!!!! Loved this sign brought to you by a local ultra running club, I don't remember the name of the club but they were a lot of fun and we passed them twice since it was a double loop. I also remember when I was coming thru to finish my first loop the overall finisher was passing by me with only about a 100 yards or so to go and he just looked laborless and relaxed....nobody was on his trail and even though he was booking it he just made it look so effortless.  
 Another of my favorite aid station was another running club and they had a fake wall set up and had BEER!!!!! I was hoping the second loop they would still be set up so I could grab another beer and get my picture taken hitting the wall!! Yeah they were still there! I finished in right at around 5 hours and was able to walk to the hotel for a shower and then back to the finish and get the extra medal for doing all 3 Alabama Marathons - one a month Dec Jan and Feb. I ate some BBQ with Troy and Cathy and waited for Larry to finish to get to say hello a little longer then just in passing out on the course....then I head on home.

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