Thursday, October 24, 2013

Indianapolis/Columbus back to back weekend 10/19-10/20

 Had been trying to behave for a couple weeks letting my foot rest due to some issues that finally got the best of me and felt like I would be ok for this weekend.  I drove to Columbus after spin class on friday and picked up all our packets for Sundays run since we would be heading to Indianapolis as soon as Shawn and Alex got off work.  Met Haley at the hotel and got things organized for morning and it was already time to get some sleep. Woke up and ate a bagel drank a little coffee one last trip to the potty before leaving and opps had a little visitor that hadnt been around in a couple years. Trying to explain to a 26 year old gay man what I need didnt work to well and next thing I knew we were at the start of the run with nothing but tissues that Haley had in her car, needless to say in the cold wet rain that wasnt gonna work to well. Met Tim that am as he was delayed with his flight and needed someone to get his packet so I picked it up the night before, I had met Tim out at Center of The Nations last month, it start to be just one big family out here!  Alex, Shawn, Haley and I all started together then as we passed a CVS I knew I had to stop, Alex went with me and the line was so long for checkout as well as the bathroom, finally I just grabbed a goody out of the box and handed him the cash to pay while I waited in the bathroom line. Then there was the debate with Alex about me wasting the box of 20 and I told him he could run the next 20 some miles with a box of tampons if he was that concerned ha. Off we go again....took quite awhile to catch Shawn and Haley and then we ran together for a little bit more, a bathroom break came up and they went ahead and Alex and I decided to just stick together.
 We had a great time stopping for fun pictures and just trying to make the best of it. Finally with only about 6 miles left the rain had stopped and the sun started peaking out and it became a gorgeous rest of the day. Still chilly but sunny and some blue skies and clouds.  We got to the finish and had some pizza, brats etc then headed back to Columbus.  We went out to eat at an amazing mexican restaurant had a couple adult beverages and back to their house for bed. They thought the Columbus marathon started at 7am but it was 7:30! Uggggg so we waited and waited for it to start thinking something was wrong. Shawn wanted to test himself and see how he could do on his first back to back marathon and the crazy ass ran a 4:13! Shawn and I agreed we would run the first hour then switch to a 3 min run 1 min walk pace for the remainder of the run. Beside stopping for lots of photos ops and singing a little note with my friends band Mothman we stayed on track together till about mile 20ish...Alex starting falling apart, i kept his spirits up for a couple more miles and he was huffing and puffing and making all sorts of excuses but around mile 23 I couldnt keep him going. I stayed with my 3 to 1 pace and sometimes just kept slogging along, felt better to slog then walk on my foot. I was so proud of both Shawn and Alex first for Shawn kicking ass on his day 2 marathon and for Alex for getting sub 6:00 hours on both!! He woulda been close to 5:30-5:40 if we didnt lally gag around but that's what makes it more fun! I dont take things too serious as you do only live once and you may as well have the time of your life however you can!  For me the fun factor isnt about speed its about the people I meet on the course and the fun photo ops that are out there!

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