Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Freak 50K


Found out I was free to do this event a couple weeks before hand and it was still open so I decided on the 50K option since the next weekend would be starting on the Center of Nations Series. Arrived about 11am and I had to go in as a walk in camper as the sites were already sold out in advance but found a place that wasnt too far of a haul in. If you pay beforehand you can actually drive to your campsite if not you have to park across the street and haul all your stuff. It took about 3 or 4 trips but was fine. I started to put the tent up and have been using it a lot this year and as I pulled out the rods that support it the damn band was broken...Thank goodness I brought heavy duty tape as I was going to be decorating my tent for the Woodstock Festivities.  This held it in place for the weekend!  My friend Sandy was coming to pace her friend for the 100 miler and this was the first time I actually got to meet meet her husband...was nice to know someone there but did make lots of new friends as well.  On Friday night there was an evening 5K on the trails with an option after you got about a mile in to go off course do an "all natural" option...there was I guess a tent there to change or unclothe as well as a bar in the woods to sit and chill as long as you like then a one mile loop to run free.  I actually thought about this a lot but just dont have the self confidence....I also thought to myself it's prolly like at the beach, the guys you see in the speedo that shouldnt be in the speedo. I got done with the 5K friday night and my tent neighbors from Cincinnati and another group of all guys had all said the did the all natural and I should have done it and I really need to on Saturday. Some were younger then me some prolly my age but all nice looking so I thought ok...its not like at the beach and gonna be all this saggy schlongs dangling around and boobs to the knees so my boobs only hit my belly button so I may be ok to try it Saturday night :) Up and at em Saturday am and had to start with a flashlight for a little was 2 loops for the 50K and the 100 milers and 100K runners had started at 4pm the day before. The course was nice had some decent climbs that I really wasnt expecting. There were a few mountain bikers on the first loop coming straight at us that got frustrating then by lap 2 there were hundreds...and most wanted us to move off the single track trail for them. I got thrown into a tree once...I really felt for those who had been out there since 4pm the day before and having to move out of the way....was hard enough to stay focused on your running let alone when they would come flying at you. I finally asked is there some bike event happening as well and then I found out there was an annuaul bike event held on 3 of the trails systems all we were using as well and there were hundreds of them....somebody had some poor planning since both Run Woodstock Weekend and the bike event were now the same weekend! I never worried about my time well I never worry about my time anyways unless I know Im gonna be super close to the finish cut off!. The course was a mix of nice single track, quite a bit of sand which "sucks" couple places with stretches of road plus had some bridges not too technical and a little bit of mud towards the end of each loop but nothing major. It got hot out there and looked the maybe it was gonna rain a couple times and finally towards the last 4 miles it did. it wasnt a pouring rain just a nice wetness that helped clean off a lot of dirt on the legs.  When the bikers would fly by and the ground was so dry you would have to cover your eyes and mouth due to the dust flying around. Sandy sent me a text and told me to find Erick as he had a band I could use to get into the REAL showers-being the walk in camper I only had access to the outdoor cold shower. When I finished I searched and searched for Erick but couldnt find I decided to head to my car and change into my bathing suit in the backend...I didnt want to track all the dirt and mud into my tent. I got to the shower and wow that was COLD!!!! Washed my hair the best I could and scrubbed the body down enough to feel kinda clean. I got talking again to my tent neighbors from Cincinnati, the girl was doing her first ver 50K and her boyfriend was running the 100.....he was on the bench with his feet up and she had me look at his awesome bloody blisters she had helped take care of and he also had this crazy rash on his legs, assuming from all the sand we had to go thru plus the dude was fast as shit!! He freakin WON the 100 miler!!!  Then I went to wait for Sandy and her friend to finish. I had seen them at an aid station on his last lap out and I had only about 3 to go, he had been having tummy issues early on but seemed to be finally getting them under control.
Went to the hot dog stand and had a hot dog and when I hooked up with Sandy and Erick Erick had made some burgers and fixed me one up....boy that hit the spot!! I opened a bottle of wine and had a glass or two then had a beer. Visited with all them for awhile and listened to the bands playing and even watched a wedding! A guy had did the 100 mile run then after the run he cleaned up and they got married.....I giggled with a comment she wanted it after the 100 miler since he surely wont be in his right mind. Slept pretty decent that night and decided when I got up sunday not to stick around for the 5 mile run and just started packing up to head home for the 5-6 hour drive. I threw the tent out as Tanner said the chances of a replacement pole on that tent were slim. I then pulled my car on into the camping area since it was so early and got things loaded up much faster.  I think I would love to do this event again next year if it fits in my schedule, maybe the 50 miler there would be fun

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