Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's all about getting your legs to be your minds bitch

I've combined two different ultra plans that I found from Hal Hidgon and the other from a page from UltraLadies. Hal's is a 24 week plan and Ultra Ladies is a 20 week plan. I think it's best for me to go by distance on this one instead of timed running. UltraLadies has all distance as to Hal's plan changes to the long runs being timed after the first 12 weeks. From what I have been reading the most important thing is not not skip any back to back long runs and to slow your pace down on these. I also read some different info and will continue reading and hope not to confuse myself but some say on the long runs to run the first hour at your normal pace then the rest of the mileage take it to run 5 minutes and walk 1 minutes...others say just plan on the 5:1 ratio.
The hardest part of this training is most of it will prolly be done alone. My long runs I need to go to the trails to do and am hopeful some friends are willing and able to atleast go part of these distances with me each weekend. The long long runs will be on Sunday and the so so long run the day before....typically Saturdays are 10 milers and Sundays well....they are 22-24 miles. Wow...thats a hard one to grasp right now but I am excited about starting this adventure. I am also hoping the winter wont be super bad this year....I honestly can not imagine a dreadmill run of 20 miles! I am prepared TV with the DVD and hugh speaker to hear well is right in front of my home good friend Tammy has copied me all sorts of motivational DVD's from Ironmans to Running on the Sun.
My favorite quote of the day is "It's all about getting your legs to be your minds bitch"
Yestedays run was 6 miles with my friend Erin....I messed my Garmin up so was unsure of the distance and both of us were kinda tired. We kept a nice pace of just over 10 min miles and walked up a couple of the hills. Today was a 4 miler and I decided to head out as soon as I got up. My legs felt really fresh and great but my mind was not into it today. I kept thinking ok...go alittle faster and you will be finished quicker! Sunday Im doing the Huntington Half Marathon with some friends...we may not stick together during the run but will head over together. I said if someone drives to the race Sunday I will head over on Saturday and pick up our packets so we dont have to deal with that early race morning. It's only an hours drive and I figure I can get my 7 mile run in early Saturday morning then head over and get packets and have a nice lunch and see what winter gear is out at Dicks.

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