Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Information Overload

I started reading Relentless Forward Progress: A guide to running ultramarathons and now I have incorporated part of one of these training plans with the others. I am sure throughout this next 27 weeks I will change it around again. Most of them are little tweaks. I am keeping my long long run on Sunday with the shorter long run on Saturdays. I hope I can continue to keep the excitement that I am feeling right now consistent for the next 5 months....I think this beautiful weather right now is helping tremendously. I dont mind running in the cold as long as it is not below 20 degrees and I love running in the snow; however, cold raining days are what I am dreading. I have heard from a couple other ultra runners that the long long run can be split up in a days time so if it comes to a point that I have a 20 some mile run on a cold rainy day I can watch a couple movies on the dreadmill throughout that day.

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