Saturday, September 8, 2012

Looks like I get what I ask for!

 I gotta make it thru the rest of this year then time to concentrate on an even bigger 2013! I still have alot on my plate this year but am nothing but excited about it.  Next weekend will be my first back to back marathons, the Northface Challenge Trail marathon in Wisconsin followed by Fox Valley road marathon in Illinois.  The week after will be a relaxing half marathon in Nashville since I won it free and this gives my mom and I a great chance to have some mom/daughter time being that she grew up there and is coming with me.  We are gonna visit 2 of her school day friends she hasnt seen in prolly 25 years now! SO excited for her!!!  The week after that I am doing just the 50K at Not yo Momma....nothing could convince me to go any further then that at all.  Then in October doing back to back marathons again on the 20th and in Dover Delaware one in Atlantic City and the weekend after doing the Stone Steps 50K in Cincinnati Ohio....last big daddy of the year is the JFK50 and I cant wait for that one!!!  After the JFK50 I wont really have any time off off but will take it kinda easy for a week or so with maybe the longest runs being about 18 - 20 miles then jump right on track.  I am a little nervous and really hope the winter will be kinda mild....I dont mind running in snow or cold but dont like the ice or freezing temps...those where you sweat and your nose drains and your pony tail become frozen as well as the snot hanging from your nose :-) 
I have a couple different 100 miler training plans and Im gonna take the time to compare the two and create my own and pass it by a couple of my favorite Ultra Runners to get their opinions and input. WOW I CANT BELIEVE I GOT IN!!!!!

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