Thursday, February 23, 2012


This has not been my month at all. I started out the month with sickness but got started on a zpack and took care of it pretty quickly, the night trail run took more of a beating on me then I expected and have been battling some ITB issues but the rest seems to have helped tremendously! I am behind on my training plan this month by almost 100 miles and it really has me stressed out. It's 8 weeks till my 50 miler so I am sure things will be ok, well no Im not sure because I have never trained nor done a 50 miler before! I don't know if my mind is allowing the tenderness of the IT band to tell it that's its ok if I skip today yadda yadda or if I really need to be skipping what I'm skipping. Guess I am going to have to find out and not skip anymore! Doing a road marathon this weekend and I really want to be sure I do this one at 50 mile race pace, however I truly don't know what 50 mile race pace is. HA. But I would guess that the first 26 miles of my 50 mile run should be about 12:30 min miles being that my nornmal run pace for shorter distance seems to hold steady at around a 10:00 min mile. I am planning on running 10 miles the day before the marathon and am wondering since I have missed a couple runs this week as well if I ought to run tomorrow. My intentions for 6 yesterday were there but I got 2 new treadmills at the gym that were not on my schedule to come then and all my other appointments the day got away from me. I was also suppose to run a short 3.5 with my friend who is just coming back from her broken ankle but she forgot about it :-( So I didnt even need to make up excuses they all came one after another and they were all legit. Today's excuse was I hate 7am runs and the sun wasnt shining - good enough? When the sun came out I headed out to try to get atleast 6 in before my massage but at mile 1.75 I got a hell of a glute workout as I had to squeeze the checks together and make it home .25 mileASAP (yes I made it) Needless to say then I was ready to shower and head over for my massage rather then go back out. Now she worked my muscle nice and hard and I dont think its best to run after that work. All I can say is tomorrow is a new day

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